CANCELLED: Ruysch Lecture (AMC): David Sharp
13-03-2018 17:00 13-03-2018 18:00 Lecture Hall 1 | AMC

The lecture by David Sharp has been cancelled and will be rescheduled at a later date.

Speaker: David Sharp (National Institute of Health Research Professor and consultant neurologist, Imperial College London, United Kingdom)

Title: Brain Networks - Structural and Functional Connectivity

Hosts: Jaap Oosterlaan & Marsh Königs

How do disease and treatment impact the structure and function of brain networks? Professor David Sharp will try to answer this question based on his own research work. By understanding changes in network function in patients, he hopes to guide the development of novel treatment strategies for patients with cognitive impairments.

David Sharp runs a multidisciplinary traumatic brain injury clinic at Charing Cross hospital and directs a program of research investigating the impact of traumatic brain injury on cognitive function. His research uses advanced neuroimaging (e.g. diffusion tensor imaging, resting-state functional MRI) to study brain network function, both in healthy individuals and clinical populations. His recent research work also focuses on brain networks in patients with HIV.