Translational Neuroscience is at the core of the links being built between university labs, clinical practice and biopharmaceutical industry. In Amsterdam Neursocience this is facilitated and supported  by an embedded business development office, i.e. the socallled Industry Alliance Office, to bridge the gap between academia, medical faculty, hospitals and biopharmaceutical industry .

Translational medicine is a developing research field that fosters the integration of basic research and patient-oriented
research. The aim of translational medicine is to transform the fundamental understanding of human biology into effective health measures. It is a highly interdisciplinary field that aims to combine research of universities, academic hospitals and biotech- and pharma-industry. Its goal is to accelerate early detection - and discovery - of disease mechanisms, identification of novel (drug) targets for intervention and paving the way towards drugs discovery and validation in clinical trials. Translational medicine is at the heart of Amsterdam Neuroscience and therefore we aim at making seminal contributions in
understanding the functioning of the human brain and the peripheral nervous system, and their disorders. This is timely since the societal burden of brain disorders is immense, and should be considered as one of the 21st century top global health challenges.