AGEM symposium 2017

AGEM symposium: “Gut inflammation and Metabolism”

September 8th 2017

Desmet Studio's, Amsterdam

On September 8th 2017, ~70 researchers came together at the Desmet Studio’s in Amsterdam for the “Gut inflammation and Metabolism” symposium, initiated by AGEM principal investigator Prof. dr. Wouter de Jonge.

AGEM researchers presented their work on gut inflammation and metabolism. Prof. dr. Max Nieuwdorp and PhD-students Annick Hartstra and Judith Zeevenhooven talked about their data on metabolic syndrome, Prof. dr. Geert D’Haens and researchers Pim Koelink (Post Doc), Mohammed Ghiboub (PhD-student) and Joep Grootjans (Post Doc) spoke about the ins and outs of inflammatory bowel disease and Dr. Dries Budding deliberated on how to predict the course and optimal treatment of C. difficile infection.

As special guests, Prof. dr. Wayne Lencer and Dr. Ivan Zanoni from Children’s Hospital Boston, USA, joint the symposium to share their data on how endogenous ligands control innate immune cell metabolism, and Dr. James Kinross from Imperial College London, UK, enlightened the audience on novel methodologies for studying metabolic signaling in gut inflammation.