AGEM symposia 2018

AGEM symposium: “Nutrition”

March 28th 2018

Amstelzaal, VUmc, Amsterdam

Wednesday March 28th, AGEM organized the first symposium of 2018: “Nutrition” in the Amstelzaal of the VU medical center.

The symposium was opened by an inspiring movie featuring Dr. ir. Nicolette Wierdsma, Prof. dr. Daphne de Jong, Dr. Tim de Meij, Prof. dr. Andries Kalsbeek, Prof. dr. Ulrich Beuers and Dr. Michel van Weeghel, talking about nutrition and the relevance of nutrition to their own research.

Hester  Coppoolse and Anouk Hagemeijer from the Student and Nutrition Foundation talked about the mission and vision of their foundation.

Dr. Maarten Soeters discussed the physiology of insulin resistance and metabolic (in)flexibility and why that matters for AGEM. Prof. Ingeborg Brouwer reviewed the nutrition research at the VU on Nutritional factors and health, Undernutrition in old age, Nutrition and low social economic status and Obesity. Dr. Mireille Serlie closed the session before dinner was served with a lecture on the effect of nutrients on brain circuits involved in food intake.

After a nutritious dinner, the battle for Best publication of 2017 and the AGEM grant 2018 award ceremony proceeded the lecture of the keynote speaker Prof. Jaap Seidell , who discussed that unhealthy food patterns and obesity may contribute to systemic low grade inflammation and that this chronic inflammation may lead to a host of metabolic derangements and noncommunicable diseases.

AGEM/CCA symposium: “Colorectal Cancer”

September 21st 2018

Hotel Casa, Amsterdam

On Friday September 21st 2018, in hotel Casa in Amsterdam, almost 200 people came together for the Colorectal Cancer (CRC) symposium organized by Dr. Jurriaan Tuynman (gastrointestinal surgeon at location VUmc) and Prof. dr. Kees Punt (medical oncologist at location AMC) and sponsored by Cancer Center Amsterdam (CCA) and AGEM.

The goal of the symposium was to make plans for optimal collaboration between the region (Noord-West Nederland) and the new Amsterdam UMC. At the same time, preclinical and clinical research from AMC and VUmc to encourage cross-pollination between the two Amsterdam UMC locations.

Prof. dr. Hans Clevers (UMC Utrecht) concluded the very successful day, with representatives from all the hospitals in the region present, with a lecture on his world famous stem cell research.

AGEM symposium: “Obesity”

December 13th 2018

Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam

In the IJ zaal of Pakhuis de Zwijger, started the morning of Thursday December 13th, 2018 with a select group of people. Casper van Olden, Myrthe Reiche and Laura Draijer presented their work in the ‘Meet the expert’ session with the guest of honor, Prof. dr. William Dietz. 

Later that morning the room was filled with more than 70 people that listened to Prof. dr. Hans Jonker, Drs. Eline van der Valk and Prof. dr. Roger Adan who talked about the critical regulator of adipose tissue homeostasis FGF1, a comprehensive clinical approach to obesity, and leptin resistance and neural circuits underlying obesity, respectively.

After lunch Dr. Ir. Rinke Stienstra continued the program with a talk on an immunometabolic perspective of obesity and diabetes, followed by Prof. dr. Karien Stronks with a lecture addressing the social determinants of obesity. The session was closed by Prof. dr. Patrick Schrauwen, who talked about circadian rhythmicity of skeletal muscle metabolism and its role in insulin resistance in humans.

Keynote speaker, Prof. dr. William Dietz, who came all the way from Washington, DC, concluded the day with a lecture discussing the changes in the paradigm for obesity prevention and care.