AGEM symposia

Do you want to organize an AGEM symposium?

The following are the conditions under which you can get financial and organizational support of AGEM to organize a symposium:

  • The subject of the symposium is interesting for (most of) the AGEM researchers
  • The symposium will be held at an location in Amsterdam; this may be at one of the Amsterdam UMC locations, but also outside of the Amsterdam UMC
  • The symposium is free of charge for all AGEM and Amsterdam UMC researchers
  • Attendees from outside are welcome, but in case of limited space AGEM researchers have priority
  • AGEM is involved in the organization of the symposium:

    • AGEM is involved in making the program
    • AGEM is involved in choosing invited speakers
  • Announcements regarding the symposium will be made by AGEM
  • AGEM contributes up to EUR 10.000,-
  • AGEM has to approve the global format of the symposium before financial and organizational support will be given.

Please contact AGEM at to find out whether AGEM can support your symposium!

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