AGEM retreat 2020 - rescheduled

This retreat is for all AGEM researchers (PhD-students, post docs and PI’s) of the Amsterdam UMC, that work in the fields of Gastroenterology, Nutrition, Endocrinology and/or Metabolism.

The goal of this meeting is to discover, share and learn from each other’s research. All attending PhD-students are obliged to submit an abstract. Like last year, post docs are specifically encouraged to attend and present at the retreat.


In 2020, on Thursday October 8th and Friday October 9th, the AGEM retreat will be organized.


There are two types of abstracts you can submit:
1. Classical abstract: this format is for the more advanced PhD-students (or post docs) who have enough data to show.
2. Project (plan) description: this format is for the just started PhD-students, who do not have (much) data yet but can describe the research they are planning to preform.


During submission you may indicate the type of presentation you want to give.
1. Elevator pitch (~2 minutes)
2. Classical format (~8 minutes)
3. Poster

Please note that the organization may assign you a different presentation type. Once the program is finalized you will receive an email with the requirements of the presentation type you have been assigned.

If your project is closely related to the project of someone else (a post doc or another PhD-student) you may present it as a duo-presentation. Both presenters will have to submit the same abstract or plan.


Next to the presentations of the AGEM PhD-students and post docs, (inter)national speakers will be invited to give a 45 minute lecture. Workshops, evening entertainment and morning activities will also be on the program. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included.

More information on the program will follow soon.


Registration is required.

Registration will soon re-open.


Questions?: Contact us at:

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