AGEM retreat 2020 - rescheduled

This retreat is for all AGEM researchers (PhD-students, post docs and PI’s) of the Amsterdam UMC, that work in the fields of Gastroenterology, Nutrition, Endocrinology and/or Metabolism.

Due to the COVID-19 situation, AGEM will make this year's retreat an ONLINE EVENT.

DATE: Thursday October 8th



Since the retreat will be an online event, only few PhD-students will be able to present. If you would like to present you can indicate this on the registration form.
You have to submit your abstract during registration. The AGEM retreat committee will make the selection based on the submitted abstracts. Last years PhD-students will be given priority.


Five PhD-students will be selected to present. They will get 3 minutes to pitch their work.


Next to a few presentations of the AGEM PhD-students, there will be a keynote lecture of an invited speaker, a round of workshops in smaller groups and some online entertainment to end the program.


Thursday October 8th, 2020
Time Event
13:30 13:40 Welcome and opening
13:40 14:10 Keynote speaker
14:10 14:40 PhD-student pitches
14:40 15:10 Best AGEM publication 2019 battle
15:10 15:30 Break
15:30 17:00 Online workshops*
17:00 17:15 Break
17:15 18:15 Entertainment

*AGEM will offer 5 different workshops. On you registration form you can indicate your first, second and third choice. The organizing committee will try to accommodate your preference, but it might not always be possible. You will be notified on your assigned workshop as soon as possible.

1.       Dealing with PhD stress

In the ‘Dealing with stress during a PhD’ workshop Cobi Wattez, organizational psychologist working for the Arbodienst of the AMC, will discuss the different aspects of coping with stress and burnout complaints during a PhD. She will discuss what the main predictors of stress are, as well as 3 key factors for improving vitality during a PhD. This information is based, in part, on a recent study that was done among PhD students. Lastly Ms. Wattez will highlight what the Arbodienst can offer in terms of trainings/courses to improve coping skills for stress.

Trainer: Cobi Wattez

2.       Online presentation skills

In a challenging medical and academic climate, it’s important to think creatively and adapt to changing situations. Our impactful and exciting training will focus on key objectives and inspire new ways of thinking. Using the principles of improvisation, Boom Chicago will help unleash creativity and generate the skills that are needed to move forward in a competitive landscape. 

In the presentation skills workshop you will:

  • Learn how to use body language
  • Build and train your pitch 
  • Use storytelling on your presentation 

Trainers: Boom Chicago

3. PhD career development

After at least four years of hard work you’ve received your PhD. But what’s next? Would you like to pursue a career inside the academic world or rather outside Academia? Two young and successful PhD’s will discuss with you and each other the path they chose.

Trainers: Marion Robin (Deloide; data science consultant); Hilde Herrema (AMC; senior postdoc/junior staff member)

4. Teaching the teacher

How do you as a trainer hold the attention of your students? How do you ensure that you teach them something, but that the training is also fun? During the teach the teacher workshop you will receive many tips and advice on how to provide training efficiently and enthusiastically.

In addition to a bit of theory, you mainly work on it yourself. How do you come across? What does a training program look like? Training is fun, and you will experience that during the workshop Train the trainer.


  • Practice: training styles
  • How do you create a safe environment?
  • Theory and practice
  • Tips & tricks: how do you provide stimulating and stimulating training?

Trainers: Zakelijke Trainer

5. Working at home 

Due to the COVID-19 crisis we work at home more than ever before. This change in work situation creates new challenges. Our interactive workshop addresses issues you struggle with and gives you tools and skills to work more efficiently at home. In the workshop “working from home efficiently” you will learn:

  • How to find a work rhythm and a schedule that suits you;
  • How to balance and separate your work and private life;
  • Good and healthy work habits.

Trainer: Annemiek Tigchelaar

More information on the program will follow soon.


Registration is required.

Registration will soon re-open.


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