AGEM Research programs

Re-generation and cancer of the digestive system

The groups embedded in the research program “Re-generation and cancer of the digestive system” focus on the postnatal development, repair and carcinogenesis, and functionality and motility of the digestive tract. The physiological homeostasis of the digestive tract, the deregulation thereof in oncogenic state, and the development of novel treatment strategies are important areas of study.

Digestive immunity

The research program “Digestive immunity” focusses on the mucosal immunity of the human digestive system in health and disease. The (patho)physiology of the digestive immunity, the relation to the microbiome, the mechanism of action of therapies of immune mediated diseases of the gut, nutrition and the development of novel surgical and medical treatment strategies are the main research areas.

Endocrinology, metabolism and nutrition

In the research program “Endocrinology, metabolism and nutrition”, the effect of lifestyle, diet and malnutrition on metabolism and hormonal regulation plays a central role. The ultimate aim of this research program is to improve metabolic health of patients with metabolic and endocrine pathologies.

Inborn errors of metabolism

Within the research program of “Inborn errors of metabolism” the research groups investigate rare inborn errors of metabolism manifesting from (pre)neonatal period into adulthood. To unravel the cause of a metabolic derangement in patients suspected of a genetic metabolic disorder and to develop and improve treatment for patients with a genetic metabolic disorder are the main areas of focus in this research program.

The AGEM mission:

“To perform research that promotes healthy nutrition and metabolism,
prevents or cures gastrointestinal, endocrine and inherited and acquired metabolic diseases and
es the well-being of our patients."

The researchers in the AGEM institute will perform research with a true impact on the current state-of-the-art in dedicated research programs. This impact will be achieved by:

  1. Making fundamental discoveries of the mechanisms that maintain organ homeostasis in health and the way these are deregulated in disease.
  2. Translating the revolutionary advances made in molecular biology to modern medicine.
  3. Performing clinical research that truly improves our current algorithms for disease prevention, treatment and cure.

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