Talent development

The institute will specifically focus on the early career stage in its talent development program with the aim of creating, recruiting and fostering young researchers. We focus on two different stages that have the possibility to make a key difference in career development.

The international student research fellowship

Two yearly fellowships will be available for outstanding students to fund a stay at an excellent international research institute. The goals of this program is to help these students to get international experience and build their careers for a future research track. The students will enter our talent program after they finish their stay abroad and may be excellent candidates for a PhD program within the Institute.

For more information see: AG&M grants

The PhD talent development program

This program primarily aims to develop research talent that fits well within the existing research programs. Such talents may be required to maintain existing quality (replace leaders that leave the institute) or to fill specific gaps that have been identified within the research programs. These early career talents (within 5 years after obtaining PhD degree) will be supported both financially and in terms of career coaching.

For more information see: AG&M grants