The AG&M talent development grant

The AG&M research institute aims to develop research talent that fits well within the defined research programs of the institute:


1. Re-generation and cancer of the digestive system

2. Digestive immunity

3. Endocrinology, metabolism and nutrition

4. Inborn errors of metabolism


The AG&M research institute will provide a mentoring program for exceptionally talented researchers who are in the first year(s) after obtaining their PhD, who are developing their own research line.


This program includes:

-       €75.000 (per researcher): free to spend as long as it benefits the proposed research proposal

-       guidance in developing one’s own research line

      Eligibility requirements

      To be eligible for enrollment in the AG&M talent development program:

      1. The researcher must be exceptionally talented and in the first 5 year(s) after obtaining his/her PhD-degree (The extension rule of NWO is applicable).

      2. The researcher is (or will be) embedded in a research group of a principal investigator (PI) from the Amsterdam UMC who is participant of the AG&M research institute (responsible AG&M PI).

      3. The researcher can provide a signed agreement from the responsible AG&M PI with whom the researcher is (or will be) embedded stating that the researcher will be senior author on the manuscripts produced on the project.

      4. For MD-PhD researchers: the researcher can provide a signed agreement from the head of the department stating that at least 0.2 FTE of the researcher’s time will be devoted to research.


      The application should include:

      1. Application form:

      • Personal information
      • Research proposal (not more than 3 A4)

      2. Budget stating how the money will be spent

      3. Motivation letter of applicant (not more than 1 A4)

      4. CV of applicant

      5. Signed agreement from the responsible AG&M PI (see Eligibility requirements)

      6. Signed agreement from the head of the department (For practicing MDs only) (see Eligibility requirements)

      Please send the application in one combined PDF-file to:
      The application form:

      Submission deadline:

      The deadline for submission is: September 19th, 2019; 12:00h

      Incomplete applications and applications submitted after the deadline will not be accepted.

      Selection procedure

      The AG&M research board and AG&M reviewers will judge the applications on how well the researcher and the proposed research fits within the goals and aims of the AG&M research institute.

      Nominated applicants will be invited for an interview that will take place between 15:00h – 18:00h on December 18th 2019.

      The award ceremony will take place during the first AG&M symposium of 2020.

      Time line


      For questions contact Eva Dirkx-Beuling: