On this page you find information for researchers regarding procedural information, communication and design and the services offered by Amsterdam UMC Research Support. Information for PhD students can be found on the education page (click here if you are an AMC PhD candidate and click here if you are a VUmc PhD candidate).

Communication & design

Templates ACS

Download here the Amsterdam UMC powerpoint template for ACS researchers.

Affiliation address

The Board of the Amsterdam UMC kindly requests to use these affiliation addresses in the process of submitting/publishing your paper (click here for more information):

Location AMC

Amsterdam UMC, Univ(ersity) of Amsterdam, department(s), research institute(s)
Meibergdreef 9, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Prof. Ton G. van Leeuwen, Amsterdam UMC, Univ of Amsterdam, Biomedical Engineering and Physics, Amsterdam Cardiovascular Sciences, Cancer Center Amsterdam, Meibergdreef 9, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Location VUmc

Amsterdam UMC, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, department(s), research institute(s)
de Boelelaan 1117, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Prof. J. van der Velden, Amsterdam UMC, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Physiology, Amsterdam Cardiovascular Sciences, De Boelelaan 1117, Amsterdam, Netherlands

CWO pilot

The Board of Directors of Amsterdam UMC has asked ACS (and Amsterdam Neurosciences) to do a pilot on checking the scientific value of research protocols before they will go to the METC in Amsterdam UMC location AMC or VUmc.

Researchers who want to get permission of the METC to perform research with patients need to apply at CWO first. You have to fill out a project form and send it together with the C1-protocol to icar@vumc.nl. Submitted protocols will be evaluated immediately (using this evaluation form), and the board aims to respond within a period of two weeks.

Click here for more information: letter ACS directors about CWO pilot [in Dutch].

Amsterdam UMC SOP

The Board of Directors of Amsterdam UMC has released two Standard Operation Procedures for the 'Reuse of care data for the purpose of research' as well as an SOP on 'Research data management'. The careful use of care data for scientific research within legal framework is important and therefore these harmonized procedures have been developed for both location AMC and VUmc.

All scientific research with care data already collected within Amsterdam UMC have to comply with the procedures and endpoints in the SOP Reuse of care data for the purpose of research. Datamanagement of human scientific research needs to comply with the SOP Research data management.

Amsterdam UMC Research support

As an anthology of entities, Amsterdam UMC Research support offers practical support and resources to the Amsterdam UMC research community. Dedicated teams provide services in areas across all phases of the research process, such as:
* Grant support
* Core facilities
* Methodological and statistical support
* Data management
* Clinical research support
* Valorization and publishing

Click here to visit the Amsterdam UMC Research Support website.

Imaging Facilities

AO|2M and ALM


Blood Vessels