A complementary dual-core facility for advanced optical microscopy and nanoscopy

The Advanced Optical Microscopy core facility in the new O|2 research building (AO|2M – www.ao2m.amsterdam ) bundles all high-end 3D- and superresolution microscopy platforms of the VUmc departments of Physiology, Anatomy & Neuroscience and Molecular Cell Biology & Immunology. Together with the Advanced Light Microsopy (ALM) section from the Cellular Imaging core facility at AMC (CI – www.cellularimaging.nl ) it provides an ideal platform for complementary, state-of-the-art multi-dimensional microscope technologies and expertise.

The same protein aggregates made visible with different microscopes The same protein aggregates made visible with different microscopes

Our overarching mission is to implement, share and to improve 3D- and 4D in-vitro and in-vivo optical microscopy as well as nanoscopy in translational medical research. Both facilities organize joined meetings, share direct collaborations with other high-end microscopy and imaging facilities in the Amsterdam area (e.g. VUmc Imaging Center, LCAM, EMCA and NKI) and participate together in multiple advanced microscopy courses.

For additional information and inquiries on how to integrate advanced (optical) microscopy and nanoscopy techniques in your translational research, please contact prof. dr. Eric Reits (e.a.reits@amc.nl) or dr. Juan Garcia Vallejo (j.j.garciavallejo@vumc.nl).