Research Programs

For Amsterdam Cardiovascular Sciences, problems in patient care are the motivation to perform novel translational research that give rise to a cycle of research from ‘bedside to bench and back’. To span the wide field of cardiovascular diseases, the research is divided into five Research Programs each encompassing clinical and basic research. Our strategy enables us to move from the patient to experimental designs in the laboratory, and to subsequently test novel treatment strategies in selected patient groups.

CWO pilot

The Board of Directors of Amsterdam UMC has asked ACS (and Amsterdam Neurosciences) to do a pilot on checking the scientific value of research protocols before they will go to the METC in Amsterdam UMC location AMC or VUmc.

Researchers who want to get permission of the METC to perform research with patients need to apply at CWO first. You have to fill out a project form and send it together with the C1-protocol to Submitted protocols will be evaluated immediately (using this evaluation form), and the board aims to respond within a period of two weeks.

Click here for more information: letter ACS directors about CWO pilot [in Dutch].

Imaging Facilities

AO|2M and ALM


Blood Vessels