Vote for the Societal Impact candidates of ACS: Leo Geeraedts and Leonard Hofstra

One of the Amsterdam UMC ambitions is to perform research with a high Societal Impact and Relevance. Furthermore, many of our researchers are already involved in creating Societal Impact. To encourage and recognize Societal Impact, we have the Amsterdam UMC Societal Impact Award. This award is presented to the Amsterdam UMC reseacher with relevant societal impact in the academic year of 2018/2019. You can help to decide who will become the Societal Impact Award winner of 2019.

Six Amsterdam UMC researchers are nominated for this Societal Impact award, of which 2 researchers from ACS!

Dr. Leo Geeraedts from the surgery department with his training of bystanders to stop the bleeding, in case of severe trauma

Prof. Leonard Hofstra from the cardiology department with his Spangas project

Please vote for the researcher with - in your opinion - the greatest social impact by using the link below this page and vote for your ultimate Societal Impact Award nominee. The winner will be selected by the jury based on the information provided by the poll. The awards (first, second and third prize) will be granted during the New Year's reception at location AMC or VUmc.

The poll is open from Monday 2 December until Friday 13 December.

Click here to vote.