Results Equipment Call

ACS VUmc Equipment Call 2018

All departments of VUmc participating in ACS and that preferably collaborate with scientists within the AMC can apply for the Equipment Call 2018. This grant can be spent on large equipment that costs over 12.000 euro (including VAT).

4 Equitment grants were awarded, congratulations!

Rene Musters (coordinator of lifecell imaging platform)
Extension of  AO/2M Nikon A1-DUS MULTISPECTRALE-DETECTOR, improvement of platform functionality

Diederik Kuster & Charissa van den Brom
Fluorescent Western blot imager
Contact person: Diederik Kuster

Yu-Sok Kim & Frans van Ittersum
Trans Cranial Doppler

Yu-Sok Kim & Frans van Ittersum
Servo-controlled finger plethysmograph (Nexfin® or ClearSight EV1000®)