OOTB grant winners

13 projects were submitted in reaction to the 2019 Call for OOTB projects.

The jury consisting of Prof. dr. Frits Prinzen (UMCMaastricht) and Prof. dr. Dirk Jan Reijngoud (Umc Groningen) and Prof. dr. Bert Groen (Amsterdam UMC) have ranked the projects resulting in 4 projects that were selected for funding:

Projectleaders Title
Dr. D. van Raalte en Prof dr. C.J. de Vries LIM-domain only protein FHL2 secreted? An unexpected finding requiring further research.
Dr. J. Aman en dr. S. Huveneers Linking early endothelial barrier injury to vascular remodelling: a role for SOX17 in the onset of pulmonary hypertension
Dr. V. de Waard en dr. D. Micha The two genetic Marfan subtypes deserve a mouse model for preclinical studies
Dr. E. Creemers en prof dr. B.J. Brundel Uncovering atrial cardiomyocyte proteostais derailment and atrial fibrillation