Frances Handoko-de Man, Joline Beulens and Elisabeth Lodder received a Vidi grant

Prestigieus Vidi grant for three ACS researchers

We are proud to announce that three ACS researchers received a Vidi grant worth 800,000 euros. Congratulations Frances Handoko-de Man (Pulmonary Medicine, VUmc), Joline Beulens (Epidemiology & Biostatistics, VUmc) and Elisabeth Lodder (Experimental Cardiology, AMC)!

Josine Beulens: Heart of stone?

Diabetes patients remain at increased cardiovascular risk. My research will identify calcification of the middle vascular layer as a novel cardiovascular risk factor in diabetes patients, leading to stiffening of vessels and the heart, and identify ways to target this risk factor.

Frances Handoko-de Man: The right ventricle in pulmonary hypertension: stiff and out of shape

What is the similarity between the claw of a tiger and an adapted right ventricle in PAHpatients? Their shape allows them to withstand immense load. Dr De Man will investigate how right heart failure can be treated by keeping the right ventricle in shape.

Elisabeth Lodder: Increasing the pace of the heart

Delay in conduction of the electrical impulse in the heart causes arrhythmia. No medications that improve conduction yet exist. TNNI3K was recently discovered as a new regulator of conduction. This project will study the mechanisms by which TNNI3K affects conduction and test TNNI3K-inhibitors to improve conduction and thereby prevent arrhythmia.