Dutch Endovascology PhD-team wins competition in China

The Dutch endovascology team won the competition for scientific skills in Shanghai.

On 28 October 2018, the PhD-students team consisting of 8 members (Ted van Schaik, Jorn Meekel, Natalija Bogunovic, Menno Groeneveld, Orkun Doganer, Sabrina Doelare, Chantal Stockem and Marina Neto) from the Amsterdam University medical centers, location VU medical center competed against a Chinese PhD-students team in Shanghai at the conference Endovascology. Every year, the organization invites Dr. Kakkhee Yeung, vascular surgeon and PI of the Amsterdam UMC, location VU medical center,  to organize the Dutch session at the conference. This year a special competition in scientific skills was organized for the PhD-students. The competition consisted out of presenting, writing abstracts, writing cover letters, grading scientific articles and English writing and presenting. Six international judges evaluated the Dutch team with the highest score for the group of Ted van Schaik, Menno Groeneveld and Sabrina Doelare. They were awarded with a certificate named "Young Research Star"".

A very nice collaboration and interaction was seen that day! We look forward to  a next competition next year.