Dekker-student scholarship 2020

The Dutch Heart foundation is offering a scholarship for students in the master phase of their education, intended for your development as researcher.

Deadline 15-7-2020
Send an e-mail to to request the forms.

Who: Students who are in the master phase of their education.

Requirements: The subject is related to Cardiovascular Research questions that are relevant for the Dutch Heart Foundation. The student will go abroad for the internship of the master, with a duration of at least 4 months. The student studies at the VU University of Amsterdam Medicine, or Cardiovascular Research master, or another biomedical master.

The student will start before April 2, 2021 with the internship and will make a realistic planning of the project as addendum. The student will need at least 3000 euro to be able to go, and will make a financial planning that proves so as addendum. The student will add a letter of recommendation that supports its self-organizing ability to fulfill an internship at a foreign university. The internship will start after the support is granted. Within 2 month after the internship has ended a research report is send to Dutch Heart Foundation, signed by the local supervisor and the supervisor of the VU-University. Due to current measures regarding covid-19, payment of this scholarship will be held until it is certain the candidatie will be able to go.