Awarded ACS grants 2017-2019


Dr. D. van Raalte en Prof dr. C.J. de Vries (OOTB)
LIM-domain only protein FHL2 secreted? An unexpected finding requiring further research.

Dr. J. Aman en dr. S. Huveneers (OOTB)
Linking early endothelial barrier injury to vascular remodelling: a role for SOX17 in the onset of pulmonary hypertension.

Dr. V. de Waard en dr. D. Micha (OOTB)
The two genetic Marfan subtypes deserve a mouse model for preclinical studies.

Dr. E. Creemers en prof dr. B.J. Brundel (OOTB)
Uncovering atrial cardiomyocyte proteostais derailment and atrial fibrillation


Coert Zuurbier/Jolanda van der Velden (OOTB)
Targeting genetic heart disease with diabetes medication

Carol Ann Remme/Diederik Kuster (OOTB)
Keeping cardiomyocytes dynamic and exciting: a novel approach to prevent mechanical and electrical dysfunction in cardiomyopathy

Noam Zelcer/Elga de Vries (OOTB)
The nuclear receptors Liver X Receptors (LXRS) couple lipid metabolism to control of vascular integrity of the blood-brain barrier

Louis Handoko/Ot Bakermans (OOTB)
TrimetaziDine as a Performance-enhancING drug in heart failure with preserved ejection fraction (DoPING-HFpEF)

Leo Heunks/Coen Ottenheijm/Janneke Horn (OOTB)
Positive end expiratory pressure (PEEP) applied during mechanical ventilation as a novel mechanism to explain critical illness associated diaphragm weakness

Yu-Sok Kim/Johannes van Lieshout (OOTB)
Effect of treatment modality on cerebrovascular control and cognitive function in patients with end-stage renal disease - hemodiafiltration vs. hemodialysis

Peter van Tintelen/Bianca Brundel (OOTB)
A giant molecule underlying a major disease?

Ibrahim Danad (MD/PhD)
CT perfusion Imaging for the assessment of functionally relevant CAD as Indexed by 15O[H2O] PET and Fractional Flow Reserve

Rik Olde Engberink (MD/PhD)
The endothelial surface layer as orchestrator of interstitial Na+ homeostasis

Ralf Harskamp (MD/PhD)
Triage in acute chest pain evaluation in primary care (TRACE)

Thijs van Mens (MD/PhD)
Defining the role of gut microbiome pathways in venous thromboembolism pathophysiology

Debbie Kalkman (Postdoc)
Prevention of in-stent restenosis in diabetic patients with coronary artery disease

Marit Wiersma (Postdoc)
LMNA and DES mutations: undissolved role for cardiomyocyte proteostasis and AF promotion in familial atrial fibrillation

Paul Wijnker (Postdoc)
A disturbed redox-balance triggers cardiac disease in inherited cardiomyopathy

René Musters (ACS-VUmc Equipment grant)
Extension of  AO/2M Nikon A1-DUS MULTISPECTRALE-DETECTOR, improvement of platform functionality

Diederik Kuster/Charissa van den Brom (ACS-VUmc Equipment grant)
Fluorescent Western blot imager
Contact person: Diederik Kuster

Yu-Sok Kim/Frans van Ittersum (ACS-VUmc Equipment grant)
Trans Cranial Doppler
Contact person: Yu-Sok Kim

Yu-Sok Kim/Frans van Ittersum (ACS-VUmc Equipment grant)
Servo-controlled finger plethysmograph (Nexfin® or ClearSight EV1000®)
Contact person: Yu-Sok Kim


Peter Hordijk/Stephan Huveneers (OIO)        
The Push and Pull of (dys)balanced endothelial integrity  

Reinier Boon/Riekelt Houtkooper (OIO)            
The role of long non-coding RNAs in regulating cardiac metabolism during aging         

Carlie de Vries/Ed Eringa/Daniel van Raalte/Max Nieuwdorp (OIO)              
Prevention of aging-related type 2 diabetes and vascular disease through LIM-domain only protein FHL2  

René Musters (ACS-VUmc Equipment grant)
Extension of the Leica TCS SP8 STED 3X platform with a OKO-labs microscopy environment, with climate control and live-cell
stage incubator together with a Navigator-stage-module extension of software possibilities

Peter Hordijk/Carlie de Vries (ACS-VUmc Equipment grant)
96 well ECIS machine and Reader (extension)   

Harm Jan Bogaard/Robert Szulcek (ACS-VUmc Equipment grant)
GentleMACS tissue dissociator with MultiMACS 24 cell separator