ACS will as from January 2018 contribute €250 towards the printing costs of the thesis for ACS PhD candidates, graduating in 2018 or 2019. 

The conditions for the contribution are as follows:  

  • the PhD candidate is registered with the institute, receives mails and newsletters, from the beginning of the project, or the start of the institute;
  • the institute logo and text is printed on the back cover (click here to download);
  • the PhD candidate participates at least once with an abstract at the annual ACS meetings and attends 50% of the monthly ACS symposia;
  • All the publications of the PhD thesis name the Amsterdam Cardiovascular Sciences, when the publications appear after 1-1-2018 in print.
  • the PhD candidate informs the institute of the title, time, date and place of the thesis defense as soon as a date has been set, including the names of the (co)promotors;
  • the PhD candidate sends the institute 1 digital copy, that can be published on the website, or a link to the open source publication. 

The PhD candidate should send a request to with all the above mentioned documents.