ACS grants

The Amsterdam Cardiovascular Sciences (ACS) institute started at the 1st of January 2016. ACS provide funds to support collaboration between scientists from Amsterdam AMC and VUmc. ACS is organized in five research programs and a proposal for funding must fit in one of the programs. The board of directors of ACS has decided to invest the budget on the following grants:

Currently open ACS grants

  • Support from ACS for publication of your thesis: ACS Thesis app (NEW!)

As from January 2020, ACS will provide a PhD Thesis app for ACS PhD candidates from Amsterdam UMC graduating in 2020 and 2021. In this Thesis app, all theses from ACS researchers will be bundled and freely available. Using this app you can upload your thesis and make it interactive by adding videos, photos, animations and Google Maps navigation to ceremony and reception. It is also possible to incorporate professional social media networks (such as LinkedIn, ResearchGate and Google Scholar) and science networks like PubMed. For more information, click here.

  • Support from ACS for national conferences

When a PI from ACS organises a national conference (at least one full day) in the field of Cardiovascular Research in Amsterdam UMC, it is possible to obtain financial support from ACS. For more information, click here.

  • Support from ACS for international conferences

When a PI from ACS organises an international conference (one full day or multiple days) in the field of Cardiovascular research in Amsterdam, it is possible to obtain financial support from ACS.
A budget of maximum €1000 is available for each full day of the conference. Additionally, for one invited/keynote speaker, on the condition that this speaker’s lecture is open for all ACS scientists, a budget of maximum €1500 is available. For more information, click here.

    Time line ACS grants 2020

    Equipment grant 2020 Out of the box grant 2020 MD/PhD and postdoc grant 2020
    Opening call Thursday 14 November 2019 Thursday 16 January 2020 Thursday 16 January 2020
    Deadline for submission Monday 9 December, 12 AM Monday 17 February, 12 AM Monday 17 February, 12 AM
    Deadline review reports Thursday 12 March, 12 AM Thursday 12 March, 12 AM
    Rebuttal PhD call
    Selection candidates for presentation Tuesday 17 March
    Presentations of selected projects for external committee Thursday 2 April
    Advice to ACS directorate tba Thursday 12 March Thursday 2 April
    Decision tba Thursday 19 March Thursday 9 April
    Start project Spend in 2020 Spend in 2020 and 2021 Between 1 May-Aug, 2020

    Currently closed ACS grants

    • Postdoc grant

    Grants (€70.000 per grant) for a full-time 1 year post-doctoral project. The grant provides excellent young basic science PhD graduates the opportunity to obtain postdoc experience in a prestigious research center abroad.

    • MD/Postdoc grant

    Grants (€25.000) for a 1 day a week protected research time, 2 year post-doctoral project. The MD/Postdoc grant is aimed at continuing research to become a good clinical investigator along with obtaining a medical specialization.

    • Out of the Box grant

    Out of the Box grants (€25.000) should be used to strengthen a future grant application, in which researchers from Amsterdam UMC location AMC and VUmc participate. Possible options for applications: proof of concept experiment, costs for unique (expensive) imaging or genetics studies, working visit abroad to gain expertise, or any other innovative idea which will improve your future grant application.

    • Equipment grant

    Budget is available for equipment costs over 12,000 euro including VAT. All departments of VUmc participating in ACS are entitled to ask for a part of this budget. We prefer applications in which AMC scientists participate. The budget can be spent on new techniques, not on standard equipment like freezers.