Awarded ACS grants 2017-2019


Dr. D. van Raalte en Prof dr. C.J. de Vries (OOTB)
LIM-domain only protein FHL2 secreted? An unexpected finding requiring further research.

Dr. J. Aman en dr. S. Huveneers (OOTB)
Linking early endothelial barrier injury to vascular remodelling: a role for SOX17 in the onset of pulmonary hypertension.

Dr. V. de Waard en dr. D. Micha (OOTB)
The two genetic Marfan subtypes deserve a mouse model for preclinical studies.

Dr. E. Creemers en prof dr. B.J. Brundel (OOTB)
Uncovering atrial cardiomyocyte proteostais derailment and atrial fibrillation

Dr. R. Walsch (Postdoc)
Identifying genetic factors that influence variable penetrance and disease expressivity in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

Dr. N. Bogunovic (Postdoc)
PRDM protein family as novel transcriptional regulators of aortic aneurysm pathology


Dr R.A. Boon and dr. S. Huveneers (OIO)
Towards Protective Building Blocks for the Endothelial Barrier

Prof dr.  M. Nieuwdorp, prof M. Muller, dr. H. Levels and dr. M. Peters (OIO)
The gut microbiome and aging of the vascular system

Prof. dr M. de Winther, dr. J. van de Bossche, dr. M. van Weeghel (OIO)
Local immunometabolites shape inflammatory macrophages and atherosclerosis progression

dr. E.C. Eringa, prof G.J. Strijkers, Prof dr C.J. de Vries (ACS VUmc Equipment Grant)
Contrast ultrasonography for identifying and understanding perfusion defects in organ failure

Dr. M. Gotte and dr. A.B.A. Vonk (ACS VUmc Equipment Grant)
Mri-Compatible Multi-Channel Hemodynamic Monitoring System, Philips In Vivo MR Expression 400

Coert Zuurbier/Jolanda van der Velden (OOTB)
Targeting genetic heart disease with diabetes medication

Carol Ann Remme/Diederik Kuster (OOTB)
Keeping cardiomyocytes dynamic and exciting: a novel approach to prevent mechanical and electrical dysfunction in cardiomyopathy

Noam Zelcer/Elga de Vries (OOTB)
The nuclear receptors Liver X Receptors (LXRS) couple lipid metabolism to control of vascular integrity of the blood-brain barrier

Louis Handoko/Ot Bakermans (OOTB)
TrimetaziDine as a Performance-enhancING drug in heart failure with preserved ejection fraction (DoPING-HFpEF)

Leo Heunks/Coen Ottenheijm/Janneke Horn (OOTB)
Positive end expiratory pressure (PEEP) applied during mechanical ventilation as a novel mechanism to explain critical illness associated diaphragm weakness

Yu-Sok Kim/Johannes van Lieshout (OOTB)
Effect of treatment modality on cerebrovascular control and cognitive function in patients with end-stage renal disease - hemodiafiltration vs. hemodialysis

Peter van Tintelen/Bianca Brundel (OOTB)
A giant molecule underlying a major disease?

Ibrahim Danad (MD/PhD)
CT perfusion Imaging for the assessment of functionally relevant CAD as Indexed by 15O[H2O] PET and Fractional Flow Reserve

Rik Olde Engberink (MD/PhD)
The endothelial surface layer as orchestrator of interstitial Na+ homeostasis

Ralf Harskamp (MD/PhD)
Triage in acute chest pain evaluation in primary care (TRACE)

Thijs van Mens (MD/PhD)
Defining the role of gut microbiome pathways in venous thromboembolism pathophysiology

Debbie Kalkman (Postdoc)
Prevention of in-stent restenosis in diabetic patients with coronary artery disease

Marit Wiersma (Postdoc)
LMNA and DES mutations: undissolved role for cardiomyocyte proteostasis and AF promotion in familial atrial fibrillation

Paul Wijnker (Postdoc)
A disturbed redox-balance triggers cardiac disease in inherited cardiomyopathy

René Musters (ACS-VUmc Equipment grant)
Extension of  AO/2M Nikon A1-DUS MULTISPECTRALE-DETECTOR, improvement of platform functionality

Diederik Kuster/Charissa van den Brom (ACS-VUmc Equipment grant)
Fluorescent Western blot imager
Contact person: Diederik Kuster

Yu-Sok Kim/Frans van Ittersum (ACS-VUmc Equipment grant)
Trans Cranial Doppler
Contact person: Yu-Sok Kim

Yu-Sok Kim/Frans van Ittersum (ACS-VUmc Equipment grant)
Servo-controlled finger plethysmograph (Nexfin® or ClearSight EV1000®)
Contact person: Yu-Sok Kim


Peter Hordijk/Stephan Huveneers (OIO)        
The Push and Pull of (dys)balanced endothelial integrity  

Reinier Boon/Riekelt Houtkooper (OIO)            
The role of long non-coding RNAs in regulating cardiac metabolism during aging         

Carlie de Vries/Ed Eringa/Daniel van Raalte/Max Nieuwdorp (OIO)              
Prevention of aging-related type 2 diabetes and vascular disease through LIM-domain only protein FHL2  

René Musters (ACS-VUmc Equipment grant)
Extension of the Leica TCS SP8 STED 3X platform with a OKO-labs microscopy environment, with climate control and live-cell
stage incubator together with a Navigator-stage-module extension of software possibilities

Peter Hordijk/Carlie de Vries (ACS-VUmc Equipment grant)
96 well ECIS machine and Reader (extension)   

Harm Jan Bogaard/Robert Szulcek (ACS-VUmc Equipment grant)
GentleMACS tissue dissociator with MultiMACS 24 cell separator