Grants for ACS researchers

Welcome to the grants page of Amsterdam Cardiovascular Sciences (ACS). Here you find information about ACS grants (PhD, Post-doc, MD/PhD, Out of the Box, Equipment grant), ACS laureates and grants from the Dutch Heart Foundation. Please select one of the subpages above.

Grants support and services

Research funding support is offered to researchers at the Amsterdam UMC location AMC and VU/VUmc at their respective grant offices.

Personal grants
Depending on the employment institution of the applicant, the relevant office must be contacted, i.e. Grants Desk VU/VUmc (E: for personal grants only) or AMC Research Office (E: to enter the support group trajectory.

Collaborative projects
Depending on the legal entity registered in the application (AMC, VUmc or VU), applicants are advised to inform their respective research support offices to enter the support trajectory such as the EU grants support trajectory, i.e. AMC Research Office grants support (E:, or Grants Desk VU/VUmc (E:

Yellow pages
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Do not hesitate to contact us if you have specific questions. The AMC Research Office together with the VU/VUmc grants desk can arrange presentations for the institutes to discuss research funding opportunities and support.