Hypertension 7 Meeting
16-11-2019 00:00 Waverzaal, VUmc

Since more than 10 years the Dutch and Belgian Hypertension Societies organize a combined meeting to discuss various research topics related to hypertension and cardiovascular disease. More recently hypertension societies from Switzerland, Portugal, Austria, Hungary and Croatia have joined these annual meetings.

The goals of these meetings are to serve as a platform for young investigators and to exchange views on, and cooperate in, future research and development related to hypertension and cardiovascular prevention. Besides the delegates from each country the meeting will be open to members of the hypertension societies and young investigators with an interest in hypertension and cardiovascular prevention.

The program will consist of lectures by young investigators alternated with a state-of-the-art lecture by a senior scientist. This year the Dutch and Swiss Hypertension Societies will organize the annual meeting on November 16 in Amsterdam, location Vrije Universiteit Medical Centre (Waver zaal).

More than 15 presentations by young investigators from 7 European countries!

Click here for the full program.

For registration please send an e-mail to Tanja Verlaan.