2nd Amsterdam Cardiovascular Sciences Year Symposium
07-10-2016 08:30 Oosterkerk, Kleine Wittenburgerstraat 1, 1018 LS
2nd Amsterdam Cardiovascular Sciences Year Symposium

Preliminary programme: NB All Amsterdam Cardiovascular Scientist may join the meeting: just tell a.hof@vumc.nl

ANNUAL ACS MEETING 7 October 2016 

08:30-09:00    Registration & coffee

09:00-09:05    Introduction Jolanda van der Velden & Mat Daemen

Heart Failure & Arrhythmias

Chairs: Diederik Kuster & Louis Handoko

09:05-09:35    Key- note lecture Hanno Tan (EU funding)

09:35-09:47     YJ Reckman (AMC)

RBM20 regulates circular RNA production from the titin gene

09:47-09:59    M Wiersma (VUMC)

Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress is associated with autophagy and cardiomyocyte remodeling in experimental and human Atrial Fibrillation

 10:00-10:15    Coffee break


Chairs: Raphael van Duivenvoorden & Kakkhee Yeung

10:15-10:45    Key-note lecture Reinier Boon (VIDI)

                        Non-coding RNA and cardiac aging

10:45-10:57    R Rademakers (AMC)

VE-cadherin is crucial for vascular bone marrow homeostasis and can act as a target for improved homing of hematopoietic stem cells

10:57-11:09    J Amado-Azevedo (VUMC)

RhoGTPases and RNAi: a large scale screen to identify new regulators of the endothelial barrier

 Atherosclerosis & Ischemic syndromes

Chairs: Siroon Bekkering & Paul Krijnen

11:09-11:39    Key-note lecture Menno de Winther (Leducq)

11:39-11:51    C van Tiel (AMC)

CD40-Filamin A interactions are required for translocation of CD40 to lipid rafts in endothelial cells and for endothelial cell activation

11:51-12:03    J van den Bossche  (AMC)

Nitric oxide-dependent mitochondrial dysfunction prevents repolarization of inflammatory macrophages

12:03-12:15    R. Driessen (VUmc)

CT derived atherosclerotic plaque burden and morphology are associated with impaired myocardial blood flow using [15O]H2O PET, independent of luminal obstruction 

12:15-14:15u  Lunch + posters

Diabetes & Metabolism

Chairs: Hilde Herrema & Jurjan Aman

14:15-14:45    Key-note lecture Ot Bakermans (VENI)

Magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy of the long-chain fatty acid β-oxidation deficient heart

14:45-14:57    M Verkaik (VUMC)

Chronic kidney disease disturbs cardiac calcium handling due to high FGF23 levels

14:57-15:09    MK Tran (AMC)

Role of FHL2 in obesity and adipocyte differentiation

 Pulmonary Hypertension & Thrombosis

Chairs: Michiel Coppens & Frances de Man

15:15-15:45    Key-note lecture Anton Vonk Noordegraaf (VICI)

                        Saving the right

15:45-15:57    R Szulcek (VUMC)

Delayed microvascular shear adaptation in Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension: Role of Platelet Endothelial Cell Adhesion Molecule-1 cleavage

15:57-16:09    D. da Silva Goncalves Bos (VUMC)

Parasympathetic Nervous System Stimulation by Pyridostigmine Improves Survival and Cardiac Function in Experimental Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension

 16:15-16:45    Marcel Levi The road to London

 16:45-17:00    Award ceremony (door Marcel Levi )

 17:00-18:30    Drinks and finger food