Information for ACS PhD candidates
Amsterdam UMC location AMC

Welcome to Amsterdam Cardiovascular Sciences (ACS)!

We are glad to have you as a PhD-student in our research institute. Doing a PhD is an exciting time! But it will also be a great challenge. This document is designed to help you get started as smoothly as possible. In Amsterdam UMC location AMC, the Graduate School provides PhD candidates with information about registration and course information.


Several steps have to be taken to successfully complete your PhD-training. These steps include registration, submitting a training and supervision plan, following courses and writing your thesis. We have compiled a short roadmap to help you get started. For more detailed information check the website of the AMC Graduate School.


AMC PhD candidates have to register with the AMC Graduate School. PhD candidates register with the Graduate School at the start of their PhD track. Registration offers access to PhD training and support. Please click here for registration and more information.


The AMC PhD course program offers training to PhD candidates to develop their scientific skills, acquire transferable skills and broaden and deepen their scientific understanding. Each AMC PhD candidate follows an individual training program. The course program can help PhD candidates in conducting independent, original and scientifically significant research, and critically evaluating their own work and that of others. Prior registration as an AMC PhD candidate is a requirement for participation in the course program. Please click here for more information about the AMC PhD course program and the PhD Course application form.

The AMC Graduate School currently offers about 50 courses. The Cardiovascular Diseases course is specifically designed for PhD candidates in the field of cardiovascular research. On the website of the Dutch Heart Foundation, you can find more information about the PhD training courses that are organized by the Dutch cardiovascular research institutes under auspices and with organizational/financial support of the Dutch Heart Foundation.

ACS offers a top-level PhD training program with a focus on international collaborations with renowned cardiovascular research institutions abroad. Within the program there is access to multiple courses and opportunities.


The Office of Doctorate Affairs (in Dutch Bureau Promotiezaken) processes all formalities concerning the doctorate (PhD). A step-by-step approach for PhD candidates who wish to obtain a doctorate in the Faculty of Medicine is available on the webpage of the Graduate School.

After approval you may submit a request for the Thesis App of ACS. (see the page on the Thesis App for conditions)


For more information and contact details of the AMC Graduate School, click here.