Theme leaders

Prof.dr. M.G.H. Besselink
Dr. M.G.H. van Oijen

Theme members

Description Clinical Therapy Development

Clinical therapy development encompasses all cancer research involving a treatment intervention in patients, as defined by the ‘Medical Research Involving Human Subjects Act’ (or WMO). CCA researchers have previously conducted a number of practice-changing clinical trials. We aim to facilitate the design and conduct of both novel early-stage and phase III trials, that are for improving patient outcomes and to establish new standards of care.

Specific attention will be paid to the following aspects:

  • Ensure a more streamlined process for Ethics Committee approval at both sites
  • High-quality clinical trial support and data-management infrastructure for investigators
  • Provide investigators with a forum to present proposals during the study developmental phase, such that translational side-studies from research ongoing at the CCA can be incorporated into study design