Master student Research projects Department of Medical Biology, AMC

In the department of Medical Biology we provide MSc research projects of minimally 6 months. Students are supervised by dedicated
scientists and participate in departmental scientific meetings. A brief description of the available project is listed below:

Mechanisms of tip cell regulation in angiogenesis


Dr. Ingeborg Klaasse

Endothelial tip cells are defined by their position at the tips of vascular sprouts. They also have long and dynamic filopodia, migratory behavior and low proliferative activity. On the other hand, stalk cells, following the tip cells, proliferate and form the vessel lumen.
In our laboratory we developed an in vitro tip cell model in endothelial cell cultures. In this project we will explore the formation and molecular mechanisms of tip cells in more detail. More info:

Techniques: Endothelial cell culture, flow cytometry and cell sorting, siRNA transfection, qPCR, live cell imaging, angiogenesis assays