Third CCA retreat is a fact!

Last Thursday and Friday, basic and clinical researchers gathered at the Leeuwenhorst conference center in Noordwijkerhout for the third Cancer Center Amsterdam Retreat. The retreat offers a scientific program with renowned national and international speakers, the award ceremony for the best publications and PhD thesis and ample space for PhD and postdoc presentations.

During these two days, the participants informed each other of their latest achievements in cancer research. The retreat was opened by Peter Pickkers, Professor of Experimental Intensive Care Medicine (Radboud) who spoke about 'The Iceman'; Wim Hof. Wim Hof delivers inhuman performance using techniques based on breathing exercises. Pickkers' presentation made the ice break. He combined science with a good dose of humor. Pickkers was followed by multiple speakers. Prof. dr. Frederic Amant spoke about patient derived tumor xenografts as a preclinical tool and Prof. dr. Tanja de Gruijl presented her research about Next-generation immunotherapies. Also, multiple PhDs and post doc researchers presented their work during the various parallel sessions of the three CCA program groups.

On Friday Dieke van Dinther was the lucky winner of the publication award for her research and Marijne Heeren received the PhD Thesis Award. Congratulations! Friday had three more speakers in store; Prof. dr. Peter van der Spek (Erasmus MC), Prof. dr. Madelon Maurice and Dr. Hans Knoop spoke about their research. Van der Spek presented his Big data and the relevance for Oncology followed by Maurice. She spoke about mutation-guided insights in Wnt signaling alterations in cancer. The last speaker of the day was Hans Knoop he presented his Behavioural interventions for cancer related fatigue. Of course there was plenty of time left during lunch and dinner, or on the dancefloor, to mingle and get to know each other a little bit more. Hope to see you all next year!