Stijn van Roessel and co-authors published an article in JAMA Oncology about pancreatic cancer treatment

Stijn van Roessel, HPB researcher of Cancer Center Amsterdam and co-workers published an article about pancreatic cancer treatment in JAMA Oncology.

This collaborative study included 520 patients from 31 centers in 19 countries who had neoadjuvant FOLFIRINOX chemotherapy followed by resection of pancreatic cancer. In these patients, postoperative (adjuvant) chemotherapy did not improve survival (29 vs 29 months survival). Postoperative chemotherapy was only associated with improved survival in patients with positive lymph nodes on final pathology (26 vs 13 months survival). This is a novel finding in pancreatic cancer. These findings will need confirmation in a randomized trial but are expected to lead to a more tailored use of chemotherapy after surgery.

You can read the article here: