MSCA Individual Fellowships (MSCA-IF) – attract talent!

MSCA Individual Fellowships (MSCA-IF) – attract talent!

The MSCA-IF scheme provides several opportunities for attracting international researchers to your lab.
The MSCA European Fellowship provides two years’ salary for a fellow from anywhere outside the Netherlands (or a fellow already in your lab
<12 months in the 3 years prior to the September deadline). There are also options for Career Restart and Reintegration of European fellows.
The MSCA Global Fellowships include a secondment of an AMC postdoc to a third country and a mandatory 12-month return.
Deadline for applications is 11 September, 2019.


Please keep this exciting opportunity to attract international talent to your lab in mind when you meet potential candidates at conferences and meetings. In addition, AMC PIs can express their interest for hosting and co-writing the MSCA-IF proposal through the searchable EURAXESS job database.

MSCA-IF AMC Travel Grant open (AMC Only)

The AMC offers a 800-1200 euro travel grant opportunity for the potential fellow to visit the AMC and thereby support the preparation of the fellowship application here (closes 1 June). Fellows should visit before August 31 and are encouraged to plan their visit around
the MSCA-IF Masterclass at the AMC 9 July.

For more information on support of the MSCA-IF application contact Dr. Simone de Jong (