Frits Peters receives an award for his research on cancer drug development:

Prof. Dr. GJ (Frits), previous head of the Laboratory Medical Oncology (LabMO) recently (February 2019) received the Burger-Kelland award of the Pharmacology and Molecular Mechanism (PAMM) group of the EORTC (European Organization on Research and Treatment of Cancer).
The EORTC is the largest and most important European organization on research and treatment of cancer. He received this award for his achievements in the development of new anticancer drugs. For 6 years Prof Peters was chair of the PAMM group, member of the board of the EORTC and was chair
of a collaboration with the CRUK and-the National Cancer Institute (NCI) in Bethesda, MD, USA, in which drugs selected from the 60-cell line panel of the NCI were tested in an European collaboration in relevant in vitro and in vivo models, such as patient derived xenografts (PDX). This program started already in the early 90ies. Several of these drugs went into clinical studies. One of the drugs coming from the early CRUK in vivo screening was temozolomide, which is  first-line treatment for glioblastoma.