Elisa Giovannetti at Italian ‘week of cancer research’ ceremony

Elisa Giovannetti together with Prof. Sergio Mattarella, President of the Italian Republic,
and Prof. Federico Calligaris Cappio, Scientific Director of AIRC.

Dr. Elisa Giovannetti, principal investigator of the “Molecular mechanisms of drug activity group”, Dept. Medical Oncology, VUmc, participated in the public ceremony held at the Quirinale Palace, the official residence of the President. This meeting was held to celebrate ‘the week of research against cancer’ (4 to 11 November), and to support the Italian Association for Research of Cancer (AIRC). As a representative of young Italian scientists, Elisa underlined that young researchers are the most profitable and productive investment for the future of a country, and that Italy should invest in international collaborations. “We have to contribute to key knowledge networks in order to promote science, create value for the European economies and ultimately to have impact on cancer patients lives.”, Elisa says.

An item about the meeting was broadcasted on Italian TV (RaiUNO), see here: