Amsterdam UMC & COVID-19: Unorthodox Teams, Accelerating Science

Online event on COVID-19 research | 3 December 2020, 12.00 – 14.00

The Coronavirus outbreak has a profoundly effect on the daily practice of Amsterdam UMC personnel in a relatively short time frame. However, the many promising initiatives taken by our personnel show enormous adaptive power, creativity and perseverance. Not only the doctors, nurses and supporting staff work around the clock to provide the best care for our patients. Also, behind the scenes, many researchers have joined forces to battle COVID-19 in an agile manner and without any reluctance. The way in which Amsterdam UMC researchers have responded to the pandemic has demonstrated the importance of team science in trying to make this worldwide crisis manageable.

True team spirit in times of crisis

The year 2020 can already be characterized by unorthodox collaborations between researchers and clinicians within Amsterdam UMC. True team spirit in times of crisis. The network of all research institutes has combined its scientific expertise and full capacities to contribute to the COVID-19 pandemic, therefor providing a hopeful perspective for the future.

Online event

On 3 December 2020 a selection of Amsterdam UMC researchers and their relations will elaborate on how unorthodox teams were formed to accelerate COVID-19 research. Hence dozens of meaningful research projects that arose in Amsterdam UMC since the start of the pandemic will be discussed. And as an online-attendee you are invited to actively participate with questions regarding COVID-19 research. For example: How does SARS-CoV-2 impact the body? What is the best clinical intervention protocol in the acute care of COVID-19 patients? Which rehabilitation therapy shows the best result? And what long-term lessons with regard to our public health can we draw from this crisis? Using the patient journey as a central thread, many research topics and teams will be highlighted covering the epidemiology, virulence and pathogenesis, but also the treatment and prevention of COVID-19.

Program 3 December 2020

12.00 - 14.00 hours

  • Welcome by Desiree Hoving, science journalist and  talk show host
  • Brief interview with Dr Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases
  • Part 1 - Conversations on acute COVID-19 research with co-host Prof. Joost Wiersinga
  • Part 2 - Conversations on translational COVID-19 research with co-host Dr Matthijs Brouwer
  • Part 3 – Conversations on cohort, medical rehabilitation and public health with Prof. Brenda Penninx
  • Closing remarks by deans of Amsterdam UMC Prof. Hans Romijn and Prof. Chris Polman


Anthony Fauci – Joost Wiersinga – Bregtje Lemkes – Marije Bomers – Martin Grobusch – Heder de Vries – Hua Shi – Alexander Vlaar – Diederik van de Beek – Sanne de Bruin – Hugo van Willigen – Godelieve de Bree – Sara-Joan Pinto-Sietsma – Harald Jorstad – Nils Planken – Jurjan Aman – Esther Nossent – Jan Prins – Marja Boermeester – Carl Puylaert – Jonathan Coutinho – Yigal Pinto – Matthijs Brouwer – Rutger Koning – Ludo Beenen – Saskia Middeldorp – Eva Roos – Bernadette Schurink – Paul van der Valk – Britt van Keulen – Hans van Goudoever – Anno Saris – Alex Schuurman – Tom Reijnders – Oliver Chen – Marit van Gils – Karlijn van der Straten – Rogier Sanders – Brenda Penninx –Jonne Sikkens – Marike van der Schaaf – Juultje Sommers – Hans Knoop – Karien Stronks – Liza Coyer – Maria Prins – Martijn Beudel – Paul Elbers – Michiel Schinkel – Edgar Peters – Lucas Fleuren – Anne Eskes – Sophie Renckens – Judith van den Besselaar – Maarten Schim van der Loeff – Hans Romijn – Chris Polman

How the COVID-19 virus works

Registration & contact

Are you interested to join the Amsterdam UMC researchers and clinicians from the lineup during the online event on 3 December 2020? Send your request to participate to Amsterdam UMC & COVID-19 organizing team.

Stay tuned and let’s meet online on 3 December!

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