Optional master course "Biomedical Proteomics"
03-02-2020 09:30 14-02-2020 16:30 Cancer Center Amsterdam

--3 feb-14 feb 2020
Optional master course "Biomedical Proteomics"

also open for PhD students, postdocs and technicians interested to learn more about proteomics
(theory week 1, hands-on + data mining week 2),
for more info see: http://oncoproteomics.nl/resources/ - click education

The OPL organizes every year an optional VUmc master course entitled: ‘Biomedical Proteomics’ of 2 weeks that runs end of January-early February. It encompasses one week of theory (lectures) and one week of practical work as well as hands-on training in data analysis.

It is intended for VUmc master students and our collaborators who wish to obtain more in-depth knowledge of proteomics. Collaborators often bring their own sample for a pilot analysis.

Click here for an impression of the 2018 course https://quik.gopro.com/v/nCPCXMVUV4/