According to article 15 Doctorate Regulations VU University Amsterdam 2015 the PhD candidate (starting after April 2015) shall devote at least 30 EC (840 hours) to training. Please be aware that without having devoted these 30 EC you will not be admitted to the PhD ceremony, even when the thesis committee has submitted a positive advice on your dissertation.

Anyone wishing to obtain a PhD at VUmc must fill out the required forms and draw up a Training and Supervision Plan at the start of their trajectory and apply this for approval to CCA/AI&II committee for education and training (contact person Evelien Bos (CCA)). This also applies to physician-researchers (arts-onderzoeker) and other medical employees who are pursuing their PhD alongside their regular work.

An informative guide about administrative matters for CCA PhD students VUmc can be found in the document ‘Forms to fill out at start, during and at the end of your PhD trajectory’.

More general and practical information for PhD students can be found at the PhD portal

If you have any questions, please contact Evelien Bos -