The CWO is the scientific research committee at location VUmc and advises about patient related protocols and other project proposals.
All patient related proposals that are initiated within VUmc and which require approval of the METC VUmc must be submitted to the CWO. Furthermore, all project proposals requesting funding outside VUmc must be sumbitted to the CWO.


  • Advises about the quality and feasibility of all patient related protocols that need permission of the METC
  • Advises about the quality of project proposals (e.g. KWF, ZonMw, EU)

For more information about the CWO and the CWO members, click here

CWO meetings and deadlines
The CWO meets every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month.  You will be notified if the schedule is adjusted during the summer months and/ or Christmas period.
Deadline of submission is the Wednesday prior to the meeting (1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month), 17:00 hrs

All protocols and project proposals must be submitted by email to  

CWO procedure for clinical research protocols
Protocols for which the VUmc is the central reviewing METc
These protocols require an approval of the CWO VUmc CCA before they can be submitted to the VUmc METc. This procedure applies for both single-site and multi-site studies.

Submission requirements:

  • The original protocol.
  • A submission letter* with the original signature from the head of the department and the applicant. 
  • Preferably the information for patients.

For more information about clinical protocols (tempates etc) you can visit the website of the Clinical Research Bureau .

*Guidelines for cover letter accompanying a clinical research protocol

  • Protocol title
  • Motivation for participation by the proposing department 
  • Did other participating departments approved the protocol? 
  • With additional research beyond the general patient care: is this discussed with the relevant department? 
  • How many patients are included in VUmc and over what period of time? 
  • What is the scientific spin-off for the department? 
  • Does the research interferes with other ongoing research protocols?
  • To which VUmc CCA research program does this research belong?

CWO procedure for research projects
For projects involving 1st money flow: only project proposals for 'instituutspromovendi' must be reviewed and approved by the CWO (using this form).
For research projects that are submitted to KWF a separate procedure applies, which will be send by email to all project leaders.

Submission requirements: 

  • The project proposal.
  • Accompanying project proposal form (click here for the link).

Statistical support
If you need statistical support, you can contact B. Witte, PhD (department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, tel. 020-4441048,