Amsterdam Movement Sciences accommodates research and reseachers from a wide variety of disciplines, including clinicians, scientists, PhD candidates and (R)MA students. The institute's management structure is set out in the tables below.

Management Team Position Affiliation
Prof. Frans Nollet Director VU, VUmc, AMC
Prof. Mario Maas Director AMC
Ms. Solveig Lund, MA Policy Officer VU FBMS
Prof. Geert Savelsbergh Program Leader P1 Sports and Work VU FBMS
Prof. Evert Verhagen, PhD Program Leader P1 Sports and Work VUmc
Prof. Raymond Ostelo Program Leader P2 Ageing and Morbidity VU FELS
Sicco Bus, PhD Program Leader P2 Ageing and Morbidity AMC
Prof. Theo Smit Program Leader P3 Restoration and Development AMC
Erwin van Wegen, PhD Program Leader P3 Restoration and Development VUmc
Richard Jaspers, PhD Member VU FBMS
Eric Voorn PhD Representative AMC
Kerensa Beekman, PhD PhD Representative VUmc, AMC
Research Program Research Theme Research Theme Research Theme
Program Leaders Theme Leaders Theme Leaders Theme Leaders
P1 SPORTS AND WORK Elite Sports Performance Sports and Health Work Performance and Health
Prof. Geert Savelsbergh Prof. Geert Savelsbergh, Motor Control FBMS VU Prof. Mario Maas, MD, Radiology AMC Prof. Maurits van Tulder, Health Sciences FELS VU
Prof. Evert Verhagen, PhD Jos de Koning, PhD, Physiology FBMS VU Prof. Evert Verhagen, PhD, Public & Occupational Health VUmc Idsart Kingma, PhD, Neuromechanics FBMS VU
P2 AGING AND MORBIDITY Musculoskeletal Health Mobility and Ageing Physical Functioning in Major Diseases
Prof. Raymond Ostelo Prof. Raymond Ostelo, Health Sciences FELS VU, Epidemiology & Biostatistics VUmc Prof. Mirjam Pijnappels, Neuromechanics FBMS VU Irene Bultink, PhD, MD, Rheumatology VUmc
Sicco Bus, PhD Leendert Blankevoort, PhD, Orthopedics AMC Peter Bisschop, PhD, Endocrinology and Metabolism AMC Sicco Bus, PhD, Rehabilitation Medicine AMC
P3 RESTORATION AND DEVELOPMENT Trauma and Reconstruction Activities and Participation Growth and Development
Erwin van Wegen, PhD Astrid Bakker, PhD, Oral Cell Biology ACTA Erwin van Wegen, PhD, Rehabilitation Medicine VUmc Annemieke Buizer, PhD, MD, Rehabilitation Medicine VUmc
Prof. Theo Smit Margriet Mullender, PhD, Plastic, Reconstructive and Hand Surgery VUmc Richard Jaspers, PhD, Physiology FBMS VU Prof. Theo Smit, Anatomy, Embryology and Physiology AMC

PhD committee Affiliation Mail address
Kerensa Beekman AMC, Radiology; VUmc, Endocrinology and metabolism
Sabrina Chettouf VU, BEW, Coordination Dynamics
Mireille Folkerts VU, BEW, Physiology
Rik Kraan AMC, Radiology
Wouter Schallig VUmc, Rehabilitation medicine
Dafydd Visscher VUmc, PRHS
Niels Waterval AMC, Rehabilitation medicine

Postdoc committee Affiliation Mail address
Eric Voorn AMC, Rehabilitation medicine
Joske Nauta VUmc, Dept. of Public and Occupational Health
Lynn Bar-On VUmc, Dept. of Rehabilitation Medicine