ZonMw Grants for Erwin van Wegen, Gert Kwakkel and Carel Meskers

VUmc Researchers Erwin van Wegen, Gert Kwakkel and Carel Meskers from the Neuro-unit in collaboration with RadboudMC, TU Twente, ErasmusMC and TU Delft, de Maartenskliniek  and several Tech companies (Motek Medical, Lode, 2M Engineering)  have received two grants from ZonMW in the DCVA-IMDI round. The projects involve several PhDs, post-docs and research assistants. The first project is ArmCoach4Stroke: An interactive tool for self-directed, home based and personalized arm rehabilitation after stroke, PI Dr. H. Bussmann. This project focuses on upper limb rehabilitation, medical technology, home treatment and autonomy of the patient. The second project that has been awarded by ZonMw is the HEROES project: Home-based ExeRgame for Enhancing Resistance to Falls after Stroke, by PI dr. Vivian Weerdesteyn. This project focuses on balance rehabilitation, medical technology, home training and falls-prevention of the patient.