ZonMw Grant for Mirjam Pijnappels

Mirjam Pijnappels, professor Human Movement Sciences VU, in collaboration with Bart Visser of the HvA, Judith Bosmans of VU-FEW, and VeiligheidNL, has been awarded a subsidy of within the ZonMw programme "Effect Research Knowledge Gaps". A PhD Candidate will be appointed at FGB, VU. This project concerns a study into the (cost) effectiveness of the fall prevention training "In Balance" on falls and fall injuries in elderly people living at home with an increased risk of falling. By means of an RCT with 256 participants, the effect of "In Balance" on the number of falls will be investigated, the number of fall injuries and the social costs in elderly people living at home with an increased risk of falling, compared to general exercise advice. During a year, the number of falls, injuries, medical costs, but also muscular strength, balance, daily amount of activity, degree of fear of falling, perceived health and quality of life will be compared between the training and control group. The results of this study offer the opportunity to make a well-considered decision whether "In Balance" makes a meaningful contribution to optimal fall prevention in elderly people living at home, and how the program can be best implemented in practice. The project will start in June 2020.