Vacancy Post-doc or Early Career Researcher Ageing & Vitality

Ageing & Vitality is one of the five research programmes within the Amsterdam Movement Sciences research institute. The overall aim of this Ageing & Vitality research programme is to understand the interaction between (un)successful ageing and mobility and to facilitate vitality, resilience and health preservation in ageing by mobility related interventions. We are happy to announce that the Aging and Vitality programme will start an innovation project on the definition and inventory of a core-set of determinants and outcome measures on mobility and ageing, to facilitate clinical and research data to be findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable (FAIR). Various AMS research groups are involved in fundamental and clinical aplied research projects that fit in the theme “ageing and vitality”. Collaborations evolving in future multidisciplinary projects and grant applications require definitions of common goals, determinants and outcome measures. A basic requirement is a need to find and exchange data on ageing and vitality, especially in the context of movement sciences and defined within the International classification of function (WHO).

We are searching post-doc or an early career researcher:

·         with a background in movement related research on ageing and vitality;

·         who is interested in data standardization/management and open science;

·         willing and able to work part-time on this innovation project, starting in November or December 2020.

We offer you:

·         appointment for 0.5 fte for a duration of 1 year (or less appointment over a longer period) at Amsterdam UMC;

·         opportunity for networking and organizing meetings and database inventories within and beyond AMS;

·         guidance for writing (position) papers on definitions, experiences and implications and grant applications.

Deadline for application: October 1, 2020

For more information or application, please contact Mirjam Pijnappels (