Two European grants awarded within Horizon 2020 program

Two large projects involving several MOVE researchers involved the study of two international consortia have been awarded with EU grants for a total of 4 million. The grants were awarded to the PreventIT project of human movement scientist prof. Jaap van Dieën (photo) and researchers Mirjam Pijnappels (photo), Andrea Maier and Natasja van Schoor (LASA) and the SPEXOR project of university professors of Human Movement Sciences Jaap van Dieën and Michiel de Looze and researchers Idsart Kingma, Gert Faber and Han Houdijk. In each project more than 700 thousand euros is to be received by VU Amsterdam / VU University Medical Center Amsterdam.

Mirjam Pijnappels Mirjam Pijnappels
Jaap van dieën Jaap van dieën

The goal of PreventIT is to recognize risks to mobility problems in elderly people at an early stage while changing behavior in older people by using smart phones and smart watches.

The research SPEXOR delivers a design for a new and revolutionary exoskeleton for the back in order to prevent low back pain among workers without back problems and support workers with low back pain during rehabilitation.

Horizon 2020

With Horizon 2020, the European funding program for research and innovation, research institutes and companies can rely on a total budget of almost 80 billion euros. The subsidy program is very result driven. More than ever before this also offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to get funding for the development and demonstration of breakthrough innovations. More information on the Horizon 2020 website.