Travel Grants for Lisa Klous and Keenan Ramsey

Lisa Klous Lisa Klous

Lisa Klous, FBMS PhD candidate on the project XPATCH (The next generation wearable skin patch for ultrasensitive real-time health and wellness monitoring) that develops and evaluates a wearable sweat monitoring system with the aim to reduce the need for invasive measures in sport and health settings and is part of the EU Consortium XPATCH. Lisa was in December given a travel grant of €4,300 by FGB to visit the  EEL (the Environmental Ergonomics Lab) at the faculty of Applied Health Sciences, at Brock University, ON, CA, where she will continue researching human physiology related to sweat composition. At FBMS Lisa is supervised by professor Hein Daanen and dr. Jo de Ruiter (both FBMS).

Keenan Ramsey Keenan Ramsey

Keenan Ramsey FBMS PhD candidate on the PANINI Project, a pan-European consortium, has by the FGB been given a travel grant to visit the Department of Physiotherapy at the University of Melbourne, Australia, where she will compare physical activity patterns between patients receiving home-based hospital care (RMH@Home) and inpatients at the Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH) in the PJ Paralysis Trial. On her PhD project Health Ageing, Keenan is supervised by professor Andrea Maier, professor A. Whitaker, dr. C. Meskers and dr. M. Trappenburg.