Sicco Bus Nominated for Societal Impact Award Amsterdam UMC

Vote  Now: Sicco Bus Nominated  for the Societal Impact Award Amsterdam UMC
For the Amsterdam UMC Societal Impact Award of 2019, a total of six candidates have been nominated by the research institutes. Sicco Bus, Associate Professor and program leader Rehabilitation and Development in AMS is one of them. He completed his doctoral dissertation on the structural and functional aspects of the neuropathic diabetic foot. In this video he explains more about his research. Sicco spends most of his time initiating, coordinating and supervising research, mostly on lower-extremity biomechanics and injury prevention in diabetes and neuromuscular populations. Sicco is member of both the Prevention and Offloading working groups of the International Working Group on the Diabetic Foot, writing clinical guidelines. Employees of Amsterdam UMC can vote via this link. Recently the diabetic foot team also developed a patient education film about good use of orthopaedic shoes.