Results of the AMS PhD Call 2019

There were ten proposals submitted to the AMS PhD Call 2019, of which all projects were characterized as well fitting within the scope of Amsterdam Movement Sciences.

The proposals were judged by the AMS Science Committee (CWO) chaired by professor dr. W.F. Lems (department of Rheumatology, Amsterdam UMC, location Vumc). For the occasion, the committee was enlarged with prof. dr. J. Klein-Nulend (ACTA). The CWO judged the proposals on their scientific quality and the supervising team, and offered AMS MT (Management Team) a shortlist of prioritized proposals.

The AMS MT discussed all proposals, and judged them on their relevance for the research institute and the projects' interdepartemental collaboration, taking the shortlist from the CWO into consideration.

The AMS MT congratulates the following researchers for their projects that have been granted:

  • Rob Wust (Human Movement Sciences, FGB, VU): Metabolic Dysfunction and Anabolic Resistance during Inactivity and Systemic Inflammation;
  • Marieke van der Leeden (Rehabilitation Medicine, Amsterdam UMC, location VUmc): Development and Evaluation of an accelerometer-based feedback and coaching intervention for patients at risk for functional decline admitted to the hospital.

    These research proposals were chosen for their scientific quality, and in the case of dr. Wust's project, for combining fundamental knowledge with clinical applications. Dr. van der Leeden's proposal was also chosen for its highly interdisciplinary character.