Results of the AMS Innovation Call 2017

The results in the AMS innovation call 2017 can be found below. All submitted proposals were of good quality, and were reviewed by the AMS program and theme leaders, each program for the occasion assisted by 2 'external' (i.e. non program or theme leaders) AMS members. The AMS MT made the final decisions after the accepting the advice of the three research programs. Everyone who submitted a proposal has been informed of the outcome. There will be another AMS Innovation Call in 2018, the details of the call will be announced later.

Tenure development call: Dimitra Micha, VUmc: Old drugs with new indications ease the path to the clinic for rare bone disorders; Marike van der Schaaf, AMC: Training intensity in critically ill patients during and after stay in the ICU;

Post-doc career call: Alessandro Chiarotto, VUmc: Optimizing physical functioning measurement in low back pain (CAT); Lizeth Sloot, VUmc: Quantification of neuromuscular control in patients with CP by combining neuromuscular modelling and treadmill perturbations; Guus Reurink, AMC: Hamstrings injuries: kinematics and muscle architecture; effects of preventive exercises; Kaj Emanuel, AMC: Development of a reproducible OA-model, as an evaluation tool for future treatments;

Grant application call: Nathalie Bravenboer, VUmc: The identification of novel pathways involved in the mechanoresponse and implementation of a cell culture platform of osteocytes: Sicco Bus, AMC: EU Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network grant application on the prevention of foot ulceration and amputation in diabetes;

Infrastructure call: Evert Verhagen, Vumc: OptiForm: development of an automated database platform; Carel Meskers, VUmc: PROFITS-DPM: Dynamic Prognosis Module for long-term outcome after stroke; Harald Thune JØrstad, AMC: MRI-compatible bicycle ergometer; Merel Brehm, AMC: C-Mill; applications in a clinical setting;

PhD & MSc grants: Kirsten Veerkamp, VUmc: Improving patient-specific musculoskeletal models in children with cerebral palsy; Marit Zandbergen, VUmc: The effect of different foot models on the simulated muscle-tendon lengths of the gastrocnemius medialis and lateralis in children with cerebral palsy and typically developing children; Vera Meekes, AMC: MRI characteristics of muscles in various types of neuromuscular diseases.