Research Ethics Course

After following this course, PhD Candidates know the central ethical principles underlying responsible conduct of research, particularly when human subjects are involved. They know the legal rules as well as the ethical codes of the VSNU, their professional organizations (e.g. NIP/NVO) and of the Faculty. Candidates are able to evaluate research (plans) by means of the ethical principles and can detect and reflect on ethical dilemmas in empirical research. Their disposition to follow the ethical principles in their own research has been strengthened. Note: always discuss with your supervisor before making any financial commitments.

Coordinator: dr. Anders Schinkel, e-mail: Lecturers: dr. Anders Schinkel & Prof. dr. Johannes Drerup Guest lecturer: tba Credits: 3 EC
Division of hours: 10 hours lectures 20 hours preparation for lectures 54 hours essay (reading + writing).

Dates: September 15, 17, 22 and 24; 10:00-12:30.