Register now: Foot and Ankle Colloquium on Febr 15 (2019)

All interested parties are warmly invited to the first in a series of Foot and Ankle Colloquia organized by AMS program leaders Theo Smit (AMC) and Erwin van Wegen (VUmc).


  • Host: Theo Smit (AMC);
  • 13:30-14:00: Gino Kerkhoffs (AMC): Ankle cartilage lesions: where do we go?
  • 14:00-14:30: Idsart Kingma (FGB, VU): Can (dynamic) postural stability testing be used to assess the risk of ankle sprain injury?
  • 14:30-15:00: Wouter Schallig (VUmc/AMC): Foot and ankle biomechanics during gait;
  • 15:00-15:30: Discussion, wrap up and drinks;

Register NOW!

If you should want to attend both the Foot and Ankle Colloquium, and the Spine meeting the same afternoon, we recommend you use the shuttlebus, and you will be able to attend both!