PhD Position on the European Project of 4D Planning of Surgery of the Forearm

The PhD candidate will be based at the Biomedical Engineering & Physics (BMEP) department at Amsterdam UMC, location AMC.

Project description

Your work will be embedded in a European project (PARADE) aiming at providing a breakthrough in design and production of patient-specific prostheses for the distal radioulnar joint (DRUJ) in the wrist. Our approach to arrive at an optimal prosthesis design is based on 3D and 4D CT-imaging, motion analysis of the lower arm and wrist and subsequent production and surgical application in patients. Your specific tasks in the project are related to imaging-based design and evaluation of the prostheses .


You have a background in movement sciences, informatics, physics or biomedical engineering at the M.Sc. level and a keen interest in developing advanced techniques in medical research. Experience in the field of development of image analysis methods is a preference. You have the skills to communicate with both clinicians and engineers and you can make the link between the image analysis methods and biomechanical/medical practice.  You are proactive, have good organizational skills and an excellent ability to express yourself in English

Department of Biomedical Engineering and Physics

The Biomedical Engineering & Physics department (BMEP) is a multidisciplinary research environment in which physicists, engineers, biologists, and clinicians work together to bridge the gap between engineering and physics at one side and life sciences and clinical medicine at the other. The goal of our research is to provide increased understanding of pathological processes and to contribute to the development and improvement of diagnostic and therapeutic tools. The multi-disciplinary project team of the PARADE project in which you will participate consists of physicists, engineers and surgeons. 


Candidates are invited to send a motivation letter, Curriculum Vitae and Course list with grades to Dr. ir. G.J. Streekstra by e-mail before July 15th, 2019. For more information about the Ph.D. position, please contact Dr. ir. G.J. Streekstra (phone: +31 20 5665191), or Dr. J.G.G. Dobbe (phone +31 20 5665212).