PhD Position on Biomechanical Load-capacity Modeling in Diabetic Foot Disease

At the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Amsterdam UMC, location AMC, there is a PhD vacancy for a highly motived PhD researcher on the project Biomechanical Load Capacity Modeling of Diabetic Foot Disease (DIALOAD).

People with diabetes may develop foot disease, resulting in serious complications, such as foot ulcers, which can lead to lower-extremity amputation. Amsterdam UMC is a world-leading clinical and research facility for the treatment and prevention of foot ulcers. Foot ulcers are often caused by high mechanical pressures on the foot. Offloading these pressures is key to treatment and prevention. The aim of DIALOAD is to develop a comprehensive load-capacity model of ulcer development and treatment in people with diabetic foot disease. This model is based on biomechanical and behavioural profiles, including advanced measurements of plantar pressures, daily physical activity level and treatment adherence. This load-capacity model will be developed in two populations: those at high-risk of foot ulceration (prevention) and those with a current foot ulcer (treatment). In these participants, biomechanical and behavioural profiles will be established and then associated with clinical outcomes of ulcer development and healing. Additional research questions will focus on the potential for personalized interventions for these patients and improved communication, as well as advanced gait assessment in real-life settings.

This project is part of the Amsterdam UMC research line Lower-extremity biomechanics and injury prevention in health and disease. A focus of the research within this specialization is on prevention and treatment of lower-extremity complications of diabetes, with an emphasis on their biomechanical, gait, physical activity, and treatment adherence components. This research line is closely linked to the clinical centre of expertise on diabetic foot disease and offers unique multidisciplinary research opportunities.

The runner-up candidates will be invited for a second round of interviews, which may also include a writing and/or presentation assignment, to be held between 15th and 25th July. The ideal candidate should be able to start on September 1st, 2019.

For more general information about the vacancy, visit the AMC website, for specific information about the project please contact Jaap van Netten.

Please note the application deadline of 9/7/’19.